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Many baseball fans know the color line in organized baseball was broken in 1945 when Jackie Robinson was signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers. However, most fans are not aware of the culture and history which produced Jackie Robinson. Negro Leagues Baseball was created in 1920 because Blacks were not allowed to play in the Major Leagues.  Negro Leagues Baseball instantly thrived because they had outstanding players and loyal fans. It brought thrilling and innovative baseball to urban Black America and to the countrysides. They had a World Series, East-West All-Star games, bitter rivalries, packed stadiums, great tales of courage, and most of all very talented players.

By the late 1950’s, Major League Baseball started integrating more of the top Black players so the Negro League teams started to disband. It signaled the end of a great era of Black-owned sports franchises and Black entrepreneurship, something which we are yet to recover from. Our Negro Leagues Baseball products and memorabilia provide an opportunity to show honor and respect to the great players and teams from an important era in our history.