Edward Clay Wright Art Work

Edward Clay Wright began his career as an illustrator and graphic artist in the Denver, Colorado area. Wright has become recognized as a leading African-American artist in the Northwest. His work has been shown in a variety of galleries as well as commissioned by the city of Denver for numerous specialty designs. One of Edward's many creations is an exclusive line called "The Heritage Series" which depicts African-American historical greats. Clay Wright has worked for such clients as Coors, United Artists, and the Denver Nuggets. He works primarily in airbrush, oils and acrylics.

After nearly a decade of absence to the art print market, the artist Edward Clay Wright Jr. has reemerged, bringing you new and exciting images. One of the new compelling images is a painting called, “The Awakening, The Baptism of Naomi.” Another wonderful image is entitled, “ Gabriel, Archangel,” and the third dynamic print is called, “ Double Helix, Piano Genius.”

Finally, Clay Wright has also created to new art prints of two beloved African American icons, a portrait-style image of Barack Obama, and one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These are great tributes that are a must for African American art enthusiasts.

Clay Wright, as he is also referred to, will be bringing you other new and exciting art prints in the near future. Save your wall space, these are all art images you have to have.