The Wise Still Seek Him - Christmas Cards

$ 15.95 


Discover the essence of a time-honored journey with our The Wise Still Seek Him Christmas card. This inspiring card encapsulates the solemn and majestic trek of the Three Wise Men as they follow the Star of Bethlehem.

Inside Verse: Under the celestial glow of the Star of Bethlehem, they journey across silent sands to witness the dawn of salvation. As they trek through the night, each step is a testament to their unyielding faith and the profound truth that the wisest of hearts are forever in pursuit of The Divine Light.

Inside Verse: Just as the Wise Men brought their finest gifts, may this Christmas be an offering of your heart's best treasures to those you hold dear. The Wise Still Seek Him, and in the seeking, find the greatest gifts of all. Wishing you a Blessed and Illuminating Christmas!

  • Size: 5x7 inches
  • Available in sets of 12, 24 or 36.
  • Envelopes Included