Blessed and Unbothered - Christmas Cards

$ 15.95 


Our Blessed and Unbothered Christmas cards are more than just holiday greetings; they are an invitation to embrace the season with a heart full of peace and an untroubled spirit. Perfect for anyone who appreciates a moment of calm reflection during the festive period. Our Blessed and Unbothered cards are sure to stand out among your holiday greetings and offer your loved ones a unique and thoughtful wish for a truly serene and blessed season.

Inside Verse: In this season of reflection and joy, may the serenity of the Divine touch your heart, just as the peace of a winter's night blankets the earth. Let the presence of Grace guide you through this festive season, carrying you above the flurry of earthly concerns, into a state of blessed tranquility.

scripture: Be still, and know that I am God. - Psalm 46:10

Inside Verse: As the world hustles in festive chaos, may you find a sacred stillness, a heavenly peace that whispers calm into your spirit. May this divine serenity uplift and sustain you, keeping you blessed and unbothered.

  • Size: 5x7 inches
  • Available in sets of 12, 24 or 36.
  • Envelopes Included