I Got Your Back #2 - journal

$ 14.95 


Introducing our I Got Your Back journal, a testament to the unwavering faith and strength that resides within us all. This striking journal features an image of a resolute Black man standing alongside a tame lion, representing the powerful belief in a higher force that watches over us.

Measuring 5.7" x 8", this journal is the perfect size to accompany you on your daily journey. It offers 150 lined pages (75 sheets) that eagerly await your thoughts, dreams, and reflections. The full wraparound print showcases the captivating image, serving as a visual reminder of the protective presence that surrounds you.

With its matte finish, casewrap binding, and non-woven laminate inside, this journal is as sturdy as it is stylish. Whether you use it for personal reflections, creative writing, or as a thoughtful gift, our I Got Your Back journal is a constant source of inspiration and reassurance.

Embrace the belief in something greater than yourself, express your innermost thoughts, and capture your unique journey with this empowering journal. Let every page be a testament to your faith and the strength that lies within. This journal is your faithful companion on the path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

  • Full Wraparound Print
  • Size: 5.7" x 8"
  • 150 Lined Pages (75 Sheets)
  • Matte Finish
  • Casewrap Binding