Merry Christmas Santa - Christmas Cards

$ 16.95 


Celebrate the holiday season with our elegant Merry Christmas Santa card. This beautifully designed card features a serene depiction of Santa Claus sitting by the fire, bringing warmth and nostalgia to your Christmas greetings.

Inside Verse left: Christmas is a time to remember the simple joys that make life truly meaningful. The warmth of a crackling fire, the soft glow of twinkling lights on the tree, and the heartfelt laughter shared with loved ones. Here's to the moments that bring us together, filling our hearts with warmth and our souls with peace.

Inside Verse right: May your holiday season be filled with the serene peace of a snowy evening, the cheerful company of friends and family, and the enduring love that binds us all. May the spirit of Christmas wrap you in its gentle embrace, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Size: 5x7 inches
  • Available in sets of 12, 24 or 36.
  • Envelopes Included