Blessed and Unbothered - journal

$ 14.95 


Introducing our Blessed and Unbothered hardcover journal, a sanctuary for your thoughts, dreams, and reflections. This elegantly designed journal is not just a notebook; it's a reminder to carry yourself with grace and peace through life's ups and downs, embodying the essence of being blessed and unbothered.

Product Features:

  • Elegant Design: Featuring our serene Blessed and Unbothered image, this journal is a visual representation of tranquility and blessedness. The full wraparound print ensures that every angle of your journal reflects its peaceful message, wrapped in a stylish matte finish for a touch of sophistication.

  • Quality Construction: Bound in a durable case wrap binding, this hardcover journal is designed to accompany you on all your adventures. Whether tucked into a cafe corner, a quiet nook at home, or on the go, its sturdy construction protects your writings and musings.

  • Ample Space for Expression: With 150 lined pages (75 sheets), this 5.7" x 8" journal offers plenty of space for personal reflection, creative writing, or daily journaling. The lined pages guide your writing, making it a perfect canvas for your thoughts.

  • Matte Finish: The journal's matte finish not only adds an elegant touch but also provides a smooth writing surface, ensuring comfort and clarity as you pen down your thoughts.

  • Inspiring Daily Use: Each time you open your Blessed and Unbothered journal, let it remind you of your own inner peace and grace. It's an ideal companion for anyone looking to document their journey with mindfulness and serenity.


Our Blessed and Unbothered Journal is a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who cherishes moments of reflection and seeks to live a life marked by peace and blessings. Let this journal be a daily reminder that amidst the noise and haste, there is always space to be blessed, unbothered, and utterly at peace.

  • Full wraparound print
  • size: 5.7" x 8"
  • 150 lined pages (75 sheets)
  • Matte finish
  • Casewrap binding