Black History Month Products and Gifts

This page features our Black History Month related products. Some people question the need for Black History Month but we believe it's needed now more than ever. Black History Month helps to dispel racist attitudes and beliefs, it also helps to develop pride and self- esteem within the Black community and it helps to shed light on the roots of racism. In 1948, Albert Einstein made a statement that some might say endorses Black History Month. Click on our IABT Blog Post in the navigation bar on the left and read Einsteins comments about racism as well as our comments about the need for Black History Month.
We offer African American posters, flash cards, postcards, African American History trivia games, board games, books, throws, pillows, and tote bags, all related to African American History. We also have Negro League Baseball memorabilia as well as Buffalo Soldier and Tuskegee Airmen related items.

These products will help you celebrate Black History Month in your own unique way. We have items that will work for classrooms, businesses, religious entities and many other organizations. Spice up your Black History Month celebration with some of these wonderful products.
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