Each One Teach One - mouse pad

$ 16.95 


Elevate your workspace with our Each One, Teach One Mousepad, a heartwarming tribute to the power of knowledge and generational bonds. It features a touching image of a grandfather and granddaughter engrossed in a book, bathed in the warm glow of knowledge. It's a reminder of the importance of passing down wisdom and fostering a love for learning across generations.

Designed with a high-quality smooth polyester front and a natural rubber backing, this mousepad brings both style and functionality to your desk. The generous size of 9.5" × 8" (24.1cm × 20.3cm) provides ample space for smooth navigation with your mouse, making it an ideal addition to any computer setup.

Our Each One, Teach One mousepad is not only a practical accessory for your workspace but also a beautiful piece of art that tells a meaningful story. It supports optical and laser mice, ensuring smooth and precise tracking for all your computing needs.

Whether you're an avid reader, a lifelong learner, or simply appreciate the value of education, our Each One, Teach One Mousepad is a thoughtful addition to your workspace. It's a daily reminder of the enduring importance of passing on knowledge and inspiring future generations. Perfect gift for a teacher or a student.

  • Materials: 100% smooth polyester front; 100% natural rubber backing
  • One size: 9.5" × 8" (24.1cm × 20.3cm )
  • Supports optical and laser mice
  • 0.1'' thick (3mm)
  • Anti-fray edges
  • Black non-slip base