You Are Majestic - Mother's Day mug - 15oz

$ 19.95 


Celebrate the unparalleled elegance and enduring strength of motherhood with our You Are Majestic - Mother's Day Mug. Crafted as a homage to the awe-inspiring role of a mother, this mug is designed to remind her of her grandeur and grace with every sip. You can personalize the mug with a name. 

For the personalization: Email us at after you place your order and provide your order number and the name you want on the mug. We will send a confirmation email to let you know we received it. 

Product Features:

  • Material: Made from high-quality ceramic, ensuring durability for daily use and a glossy finish that brings the vibrant design to life.
  • Design: The mug is adorned with our You Are Majestic inscription, paired with an artistic depiction that captures the essence of motherhood’s regal beauty. On the opposite side, a heartfelt message defines her role with the majesty it truly deserves, celebrating her love, guidance, and strength.
  • Size: With a 15oz capacity, it's the perfect size for her favorite morning coffee, tea, or any cherished beverage.
  • Colors: Choose from an array of colors to match her unique style, each complementing the mug’s majestic theme.
  • Handle: Features an easy-grip C-shaped handle for comfortable use, making it a practical and cherished item.
  • Gift Ready: This mug is not just a gift but a profound expression of appreciation, making it the perfect Mother's Day present or a heartfelt gesture on any day.

A Majestic Tribute:

Mothers, in their essence, are a majestic force—powerful, awe-inspiring, and radiantly beautiful in all they do. Our You Are Majestic mug is more than a drinking vessel; it's a daily reminder to her of her invaluable worth and the deep admiration you hold for her. It celebrates the majesty of her love, the splendor of her sacrifice, and the dignity of her unwavering strength.

Gift this mug as a testament to her majesty, a token that she’ll treasure with every morning's light and every evening's reflection. Let it be a constant reminder that in the eyes of those she loves, she is nothing short of majestic.

- made of ceramic

- available in five different colors
- 15 oz (0.44 l)
- Rounded corners
- C-handle