Shhh Santa With Kids - African American Santa figurine

$ 119.95 


Shhh Santa With Kids- African American Santa Claus figurine

Our African American Santa is making his deliveries and the kids fell asleep waiting for him to show up, but the puppy woke up and is about to bark! This is a must-have for Santa collectors. Order today, quantities are limited.

The very first Clothtique Possible Dreams Santa was introduced in 1985. The stiffened fabric process was inspired by European collectibles and brought to the United States. The unique combination of sculpting and fabrics bring each Santa to life. Every Clothtique Santa is hand made by a team of skilled artisans. Each is carefully packaged and delivered in exquisite detail and artistic expertise. Look for the brass tag that certifies your Santa as an authentic Possible Dreams Clothique Santa. 

  • date introduced: Jan 2021
  • materials: poly-resin, cotton/poly blend
  • size: 10.5" H
  • hand painted and assembled with intricate detail and artistic expertise
  • fabric and fur may need to be carefully shaped after unpacking