z-Greek Graduation Stole - Phi Beta Sigma - blue dove

$ 14.95 $ 34.95


Phi Beta Sigma graduation stole - blue dove.

Our Greek graduation stoles are handwoven by master kente weavers in Ghana, West Africa, taking as long as a day to complete a stole. Our African American graduation stoles are 72 inches long and about 4 1/4 inches wide. We use the highest quality rayon weaving thread for bright colors and a lustrous sheen. Our graduation stoles are characterized by the tightness of the weave that's not found on other kente stoles. Lastly, our lettering, perhaps the most noticed part the stole, is neatly and meticulously rendered.

Order your graduation stole today. It will be a wonderful keepsake to commemorate and remember your event. It will also make a perfect graduation gift.

  • length: 72 inches
  • width: 4 1/4"
  • material: high quality rayon