The Kiss - statement - 36x12 print - WAK

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Kiss statement print by Kevin A. Williams (WAK) - Artist statement: Dancing like a piece of silk romancing a soft wind. Sensual like the sound of water as it bends. Secure like shelter in a storm; wrapped around you like a blanket keeping you warm. Comforting like the softness of cotton on a bruise. Magnificent like the morning light on the ocean on a seven day cruise. Sweet like drips of honey on strawberry lips. Rhythmic like the movement of a sistah's hips. Laying hypnotized, gazing into those eyes. Your heart is flowing, not knowing; The Kiss will capture life's most sought after prize.

  • Artist: Kevin A. Williams (WAK)
  • Edition Type: Open Edition
  • Media: Offset Lithograph Print
  • Size: 12" x 36"
  • Unframed