Knowledge is the Key - statement - 36x12 print - WAK

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Knowledge is the Key statement print by Kevin A. Williams (WAK)

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Artist statement: A message to the Blackman .. (the enslavement of today's Blackman is mental). Each chain represents a form of oppression.
Chain #1: From the lock to the neck this chain keeps his head in a downward and negative position, stripping him of pride & self-esteem.
Chains #2 & 3: from the lock to the wrists. These chains keep him from reaching for anything in life (his dreams, his visions).
Chain #4: from the lock to the ground. This chain keeps him grounded and in his place.
Chains #5 & 6: from the lock to his ankles these chains are the ultimate mind-game. They give him the illusion he can run from his problems but he can only go so far, before he?s back where he started. Solution: if one gains knowledge of one?s self the greatness from which he comes. One in return gains freedom. If you free your mind all else will follow.

  • Artist: Kevin A. Williams (WAK)
  • Edition Type: Open Edition
  • Media: Offset Lithograph Print
  • Size: 12" x 36"
  • Unframed