Yellow Blossoms - iPad-tablet sleeve

$ 27.95 


Protect your iPad-tablet in style with our stunning iPad-tablet case featuring our captivating Yellow Blooms of Innocence image. This case is designed to not only safeguard your device but also to inspire a sense of wonder and imagination. Let the enchanting beauty of this case and the empowering message to "View the world through a child's eyes, and everything is possible" serve as a daily reminder to embrace curiosity, limitless potential, and the joy of discovery.

  • Verse: Within a child's eyes, behold the grand, where imagination and dreams expand. Open your mind, let wonder ignite, Boundless possibilities will take flight.

Made from smooth neoprene material, it offers lightweight and durable protection for your iPad-tablet. The water-resistant construction ensures added safety, while the dual zipper enclosures keep your device securely in place. With a size of 10" x 7", this case is compatible with most tablets, making it the perfect accessory for work, travel, or everyday use. Step into a world of imagination and creativity with our inspirational iPad-tablet case. 

  • Material: Smooth neoprene
  • Size: 10" x 7"
  • Decorated front with solid black back
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Dual zipper enclosures