Winter Wonderland - ball ornament

$ 19.95 


Experience the magic of the holiday season with our Winter Wonderland Ceramic Christmas Ornament. This enchanting 3" ornament captures the joy and wonder of winter, making it the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

The image features four children playing joyfully in the snow, their laughter and excitement echoing through the frosty air. Together, they are crafting a snowman, a beloved wintertime tradition that brings smiles to young and old alike.

As they sculpt their snowy creation, these children embrace the holiday spirit, reveling in the simple pleasures of the season. Their rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes mirror the sense of wonder that winter brings, making this ornament a heartwarming reminder of the joys of childhood.

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this ornament boasts a glossy finish that adds a touch of elegance to your holiday decorations. It comes complete with a delicate gold ribbon for easy hanging on your Christmas tree.

Celebrate the magic of winter and the timeless joy of creating snowmen with our Winter Wonderland Ceramic Christmas Ornament. Whether you display it in your own home or give it as a thoughtful gift, this ornament captures the essence of the season and will surely become a cherished holiday keepsake.

  • Ceramic ornament with glossy finish
  • Comes with a gold ribbon for hanging
  • Tree or Bell decoration on the back
  • Vintage style