Peace and Harmony - mug - 15oz

$ 16.95 


Introducing our Peace and Harmony 15oz mug, a vessel that carries not just your favorite beverage but also a profound message of serenity and unity. This meticulously crafted mug showcases a serene image of a young angel, kneeling in prayer amidst the silent beauty of a snow-covered, wooded area. It's a visual meditation, a pause in the hustle of daily life, inviting you to a moment of quiet reflection.

Product Features:

  • Inspirational Design: On one side, our Peace and Harmony image embodies a call for tranquility and unity, set against the tranquil backdrop of a winter's forest. On the opposite side, an inspirational phrase eloquently captures the essence of her prayer, offering a message of steadfast love and unshakable peace.

  • Vibrant Color Options: Available in five soothing colors - red, black, light blue, dark blue, and pink - each mug offers a different mood and setting for your daily rituals, allowing you to choose the hue that best fits your spirit or decor.

  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable ceramic, this 15oz mug is designed for everyday use. The high-quality material ensures that your mug remains a cherished part of your morning routine or evening unwind for years to come.

  • Perfect for Gifting: With its powerful message and stunning visual appeal, our Peace and Harmony mug is an ideal gift for the holiday season, offering a reminder of what truly matters. It's a thoughtful present for loved ones, friends, or colleagues, inviting them into a space of peace and reflection.

  • Sublimation Printing: The artwork and inspirational phrase are applied using a dye sublimation process, ensuring that the details are vibrant, fade-resistant, and capable of capturing the depth of the original image and message.

Embrace the season with our Peace and Harmony mug, and let it serve as a daily reminder of the angel's prayer for tranquility on earth. Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or a cozy evening cocoa, this mug is more than a drinkware item; it's a beacon of hope, a call to weave harmony through the tapestry of our lives.

  • Material: ceramic
  • size: 15oz
  • Glossy finish
  • Interior and handle available in 5 colors
  • Easy-grip C-shaped handle