Blackboard - African American board game

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Finally!… An educational Black History game that brings families together for an exciting time of “facts and fun!” BLACKBOARD entertains and educates.

Playing The Game: You begin with a chain that has 7 removable links. You Roll the dice, move your game piece (slave ship) around the board, and follow the instructions for each space. When you land on a question space, you must answer the question for that category. Each time you answer a question correctly, you'll discard one link. If you answer incorrectly, you'll collect a link. The first player to run out of links, wins the game! However, knowledge alone isn't enough to become a BLACKBOARD winner.

BLACKBOARD takes you through the high-roads and perils of the past and present experience of a Black American. You might ESCAPE from slavery and be CAPTURED, or you could make it to the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD and on to FREEDOM. But, Beware! REAGANOMICS will send you back, and there's always a TOM waiting to betray you. Also, watch where you walk or drive! Walking While Black or Driving While Black could get you PROFILED by the police. Worst of all, MURPHY and his "Law" is right on your heels. But don't worry! There's a good chance you'll find a REAL BROTHER or REAL SISTER to lend a helping hand.

BLACKBOARD is designed not to intimidate, but to make education "fun!" Most of the BLACKBOARD question cards contain information that is not widely known. BLACKBOARD is guaranteed to provide a greater understanding of Black American History, and give you one of the most exciting times you have ever spent on a game board.

The game includes a large 20" game board, 7 game pieces (Amistad slave ships), liberation dice (red, black & green), chains, entertaining situation cards, easy to understand game rules, and multiple choice question cards covering over 9 subjects: Entertainment, Politics, Science, Invention, Art, Literature, Sports, Education, Law, and more!

  • Over 420 questions!
  • Ages 7 to Adult.