African Lilies - 25x27 limited edition print - WAK

$ 175.00 


African Lilies by Kevin A. Williams (WAK). She sits poised & regal, tranquil but strong; Her mahogany skin, being kissed slowly by the sun. Her beauty taste of honey, her lips are bee stung; Gaze upon her too long, you will hear Negro spirituals being sung. Wrapped in silk soaked in peaches, the sweetness overflows; Her pride swells like a seed & begins to grow, while lillies of purity, bask in the glow. A crown of locs, adorn her head, sometimes referred to, simply as dreads; The evidence of ancestors, as strong as the sea. She longs to be no other; she longs only to be me!!!!!!!

  • Artist: Kevin A. Williams (WAK)
  • Edition Type: Limited Edition
  • Edition Size: 850
  • Media: Offset Lithograph Print
  • Size: 25.5" x 27"
  • Unframed