Black Power Olympic Medalists 1968 - 24x36 photo poster

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Black Power 1968 Olympic Medalists photo poster.

This poster of Tommie Smith and John Carlos on the podium after the 200m final in the 1968 Mexico Olympics has become an iconic symbol of the struggle for equality in the 1960's. Smith and Carlos raised their arms wearing black gloves with a closed fist to protest discrimination and violence against Blacks in America. Their action became known as the Black Power salute and at the time it shocked the world. They were expelled from the Olympics and their lives were never the same as many in the public became outraged over the Games being used as a political platform.  

In interviews over the years, Carlos said he has no regrets about his protest but he does regret that he didn't do more to protect his family afterwards. He has said he didn't mind people harassing him but they also went after his wife and kids, so he says he wished he had done more to protect them. His wife tragically committed suicide 9 years later in 1977.  

Even though they faced a storm of controversy at the time, over the years they have been widely hailed as heroes for the stand they took. A statue of them was erected in their honor at San Jose State Univ where they were students. Smith and Carlos received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2008 ESPYs to commemorate their heroic actions 40 years earlier.

Order this iconic poster today and show your solidarity with a struggle that still continues to this day.

  • Size: 24 x 36
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