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The fundraising program is currently unavailable

Our Annie Lee and Harriet Rosebud fundraiser program provides an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your projects and events. Our program offers over 100 home decor and collectible items that will help make your fundraising project a success.

Annie Lee is an icon within the art world and her home decor and gift products are based on some of her more popular paintings. Our Annie Lee fundraiser program was created to give groups and organizations the opportunity to utilize Annie Lee's proven products to raise much needed funds. The Annie Lee fundraiser line includes magnets, mugs, ceramic jars, clocks, and photo frames.

Harriet Rosebud is no ordinary hat maker, her creativity and style has taken hat making to a whole different level. With her unique shapes, colors and designs, it's evident that she pours her heart and soul into every hat. The collectible, miniature versions of her hats have become a nationwide  sensation. You now have the opportunity to tap into the popularity of her miniature hats through our fundraising program, which also includes magnets, mugs and tote bags based on Harriet's hat designs.

Our Annie Lee and Harriet Rosebud fundraising plan is an exciting alternative to some of the more traditional fundraising efforts. Our unique mix of functional products, already proven in the marketplace, make this fundraising effort destine to succeed. Another key advantage is that the complete program is available all year long, so your fundraising efforts are not forced to coincide with tight holiday schedules.

Below is a sample of the products in the fundraising catalog and details about how the program works.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will forward your catalogs and other information you need to get started.


The fundraising program is currently unavailable


Annie Lee - Magnets
(more magnets are in the fundraising catalog)

Annie Lee magnet - Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Power Shopping


Links, Wings, Tips
& Fries


Annie Lee magnet - Hot Water Cornbread

Hot Water


Annie Lee - Mugs
(more mugs are in the fundraising catalog)

The fundraising program is currently unavailable

Holy Ghost

Sixty Pounds

Jumping The Broom

Six No Uptown

Blue Monday


Annie Lee - Ceramic Jars


"Mother Board and Gimme Dat Gum"

"Getting the Job Done, Caren Comfort, and 5th Grade Substitute"

Men Folk
"Daily Snooze, Links, Wings and Tips, Spit Shine and Fingerwave"

White Tie Only
"Three scenes from White Tie Only"

"Does This Come In 3X, Power Shopping, Maxed Out"


Annie Lee - Clocks

The fundraising program is currently unavailable

Holy Ghost

Power Shopping



Blue Monday


Annie Lee - Photo Frames

Maxed Out


8 1/2 Narrow

In Control


Blue Monday


Harriet Rosebud - Miniature Hats
(more hats are in the fundraising catalog -- each is about 6" tall and in a decorative box)

The fundraising program is currently unavailable

Black/Teal Sinamay

Pink Soutache

Straw Hat


Red Felt Hat


Harriet Rosebud - Hat Magnets
(more magnets are in the fundraising catalog)

Walk by Faith


Live Each Moment

Cover Me Lord

God is the Head


Harriet Rosebud - Inspirational Mugs

The fundraising program is currently unavailable

Remarkable Red

Blessed Worship

Strength of our Family

Pathways Fall


God's Handiwork


Harriet Rosebud - Tote Bags








The fundraising program is currently unavailable


Fundraising Summary and Frequently Asked Questions

Selling Strategy:
The program functions the same as most other fundraising activities. You will present the fundraising catalog to your customers (family, friends, organization members etc.) and take pre-payment for their orders. Once you have completed your sales drive, you combine all the orders from your sales catalogs and fill out the main order form, then fax or mail it to us with your payment.

Terms of sale:
All orders must be pre-paid. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, plus cashier's checks and money orders. We do not accept personal checks. All claims for damaged or missing items must be made within 3 business days of receiving your order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is our profit margin?
Answer: Your profit margin is 40%. Below is your profit chart on the fundraising items.


Your Cost

Selling Price

Your Profit

Annie Lee Magnets $4.50 $7.50 $3
Annie Lee Mugs $6 $10 $4
Annie Lee Jars $9 $15 $6
Photo Frames $17 $27 $10
Clocks $21 $35 $14
Rosebud Hats $15 $25 $10
Rosebud Magnets $3 $5 $2
Rosebud Mugs $4.80 $8 $3.20
Tote bag (small) $7.50 $12.50 $5
Tote bag (large) $12 $20 $8

Question: Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?
Answer: No, we do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

Question: Do you accept personal checks?
Answer: No, we accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, cashiers checks & money orders

Question: Do you charge sales tax?
Answer: Only if the delivery location is in the state of Missouri and it's 6.75%.

Question: How much is shipping?
Answer: Shipping is a percentage of the total amount of the order. We ship via UPS Ground and the cost is 8% of the of the order amount. (If you're located in Missouri you will have to pay the sales tax, which is 6.75%, so the shipping is free.)

Question: How long does it take to receive the product?
Answer: You normally will receive your order within 2-weeks.


The fundraising program is currently unavailable




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