Knowledge Cards - What Do You Know About The Blues

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What Do You Know About The Blues knowledge cards. A quiz deck on the history of blues music. Blues, a quintessentially American music, contains a fundamental irony: singing about hard times, disappointment, broken hearts, homelessness, intoxication, betrayal, and violence makes the singer and the audience feel good. This deck of 48 cards explores the paradoxical genre in a question and answer format (perhaps call and response is more apt) that is equally satisfying as a raucous test of multiple players' blues knowledge or as a quiet solitary read. Combining solid scholarship with wry, informal prose, What Do You Know About the Blues? does its subject proud. Most cards include tips for recommended listening.

  • 48 fact-filled knowledge cards
  • questions and images on one side and answers on the other
  • great source of condensed information the size of a pack of playing cards.
  • Size: 3" x 4".