The Gift Giver - First Issue - Ebony Visions figurine

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The Gift Giver First Issue - Ebony Visions figurine. Only Thomas Blackshear could create a totally new, refreshing and appealing portrait of Santa Clause like the Gift Giver. Rejected traditional Christmas clichés, Thomas has created a true Ebony Visions Santa, one whose joyful spirit radiates in his bearded face as he raises his lantern to spread hope and cheer in the darkness. “He is Santa Clause,” Thomas says, “but he is a unique Santa Clause,” One of the ways Thomas differentiates his Santa was through a unique color palette that coordinates with other Ebony Visions designs. “His coat is a sage color, his vest is burgundy, his hat is red and he’s wearing a scarf around his neck that’s really different,” Thomas says. With his fingerless gloves and colorful sash, The Gift Giver is dressed in clothing that is timeless, giving him what Thomas calls “ a bit of mystery,” ”I want people to be able to identify him as Santa – but a Santa that’s done in a whole new way,” Thomas explains.

A Hearth Laugh "Ha, Ha, Ha" bellows from the belly of The Gift Giver as his glowing lantern lights the way. With a large sack slung over one shoulder, he thinks only of the happiness he brings to those whose lives are touched by his special gifts.

  • Artist: Thomas Blackshear
  • Product Line: Ebony Visions
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Limited Edition of 4,300
  • Material: Resin
  • Dimensions: 12" tall
  • Hand painted