Ebony Visions - The Dude - figurine

$ 175.00 


The Dude Ebony Visions figurine by Thomas Blackshear. Backshear's inspiration for The Dude came from the majestic colonial look of the main character - Sengbe Pieh, known by his Spanish name, Cinque - from the 1997 movie "Amistad" about a true story of a mutiny aboard a slave ship. Capturing the proud stature of a man who knows where he's going, The Dude's firmly grounded stance with uplifted chest connotes a secure and fearless man observing the world in earnest.

  • Artist: Thomas Blackshear
  • Product Line: Ebony Visions
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Material: Resin
  • Dimensions: 13" tall
  • Hand Painted