Razor Bump Treatment - for women

$ 19.95 


Bump Terminator -- Ingrown hairs and razor bumps treatment for women. BUMP TERMINATOR Anti Bump Serum For Women is a Fast Acting, Non Irritating formula with very effective natural healing oils. 

  • Fast Resolution of Bumps & Ingrown Hairs on Bikini Area, Legs, Underarm and Face
  • Non-Irritating, Non-Stinging Formula
  • Results Seen in 12-24 Hrs
  • Soothes, Heals, Dries out the Bumps, Moisturizes and Conditions
  • 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • 4 oz

Whether a woman shaves or waxes, the skin of the bikini-line is prone to irritation and inflammation. The pressure and friction caused by snug clothes–sitting all day in fitted trousers, for example–make matters worse. The universal evidence: painful “razor-bumps”, ingrown hairs or pseudofolliculitis barbae along the sensitive inner thigh.

BREEJ Technologies is pleased to introduce our New Bump Terminator ALCOHOL FREE Anti Bump Serum and Bump Terminator Anti Razor Bump Serum For Women, part of the Bump Terminator collection created by innovative entrepreneur Dr. Aloysius Anaebonam, President and Chief Scientist of BREEJ Technologies.

The serums [an alcohol free version and a non-irritating alcohol based version] may be safely applied for the resolution of existing bumps and the Alcohol Free Version to even the most tender skin, including skin which has just been shaved or waxed.

- Ingredients: hibawood, german chamomile; extracts of gotu kola, devil's claw, banaba, willowbark, licorice; glycolic acid, salicylic acid and alpha bisabolol. This advanced and fast acting bump terminator Anti Bump Serum For Women is formulated with BREEJ advanced anti bump phytoplex for the fast relief of Bumps and Ingrown hairs on Bikini Area, Legs, Underarm and Face