Power Of Love Series - set of three - WAK

$ 125.00 


Power of Man, Power of Woman and Power of Love 3-print set by Kevin A. Williams (WAK) --

Artist comments about "Power of Man": Symbol of the strength of the Black Man. He is the foundation the axis of the earth. He is not movable, he is steady. As his queen stands poised above, the calmness in her demeanor shows her faith in her king is not questioned.

Artist comment about "Power of Woman": Symbol of the supremacy of the Black Woman as she oversees the earth that she has mothered. The white fabric that she covers her voluptuous figure in is a symbol of purity. The earth is covered in metal to protect her from the impurities of this world.

"Power of Love": The world is ours, how lovely the view,
such a perfect place for me & you.
Our love is tested, envied by all, some may even pray for our downfall.
Through all the storms & darkness of night;
Strong winds push us trying to start a fight.
But deep in our hearts our future is bright;
So we stay focused and keep moving towards the light.
Never leaving my side, nor letting me down;
On top of the world we will share the crown.

  • Artist: Kevin A. Williams (WAK)
  • Edition Type: Open Edition
  • Media: Offset Lithograph Print
  • Each print is 37" x 23"
  • Unframed