New York Black Yankees - Negro League retro cap

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New York Black Yankees - Negro League retro cap

  • 20% wool
  • 80% acrylic
  • adjustable velcro strap

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Baseball fans know the color line in organized baseball was broken in 1945 when Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson for the Brooklyn Dodgers organization. Few, however, any appreciation of the baseball culture which produced Jackie Robinson. Organized black baseball began with the founding of the Negro National League in 1920. The league expanded and eventually included the Eastern Colored, American Negro, East-West, Negro Southern and Negro American leagues.

Baseball behind the color barrier provided almost everything, and in some cases, more than was offered by Major League Baseball. There were World Series, East-West All-Star games, bitter rivalries, packed stadiums, great tales of courage, and most of all talented players. The Negro League baseball ended in 1960 when the Negro American League concluded play.