Negro Leagues longsleeve t-shirt - NLTA-CRM

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Negro Leagues Baseball commemorative red t-shirt. Honor the history and achievements of Black American athletes with our Negro Leagues Baseball Commemorative Red Longsleeve T-Shirt! This bold and stylish shirt features the iconic Negro Leagues emblem and the year it was founded, 1920, prominently displayed on the front. The sleeves and back are adorned with the logos of the legendary teams that made up the Negro Leagues, a testament to the perseverance and skill of the Black players who took the field despite the challenges they faced. Made from 100% cotton and preshrunk for a perfect fit, this shirt is the perfect way to show your support for Black history and celebrate Black History Month. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to pay homage to the legacy of the Negro Leagues Baseball - order your shirt today!

  • 100% cotton
  • short sleeve
  • pre-shrunk

Baseball fans know the color line in organized baseball was broken in 1945 when Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers. However, most baseball fans are not aware of the culture and history which produced Jackie Robinson. The Negro Baseball Leagues were created in 1920 because Blacks were not allowed to play in the Major Leagues. The Negro Leagues instantly thrived because they had outstanding players and loyal fans.  The league expanded and eventually included five different leagues; the Eastern Colored, American Negro, East-West, Negro Southern and Negro American leagues.

Negro Leagues Baseball provided everything and in some cases, more than what was offered by Major League Baseball. They had a World Series, East-West All-Star games, bitter rivalries, packed stadiums, great tales of courage, and most of all very talented players. By 1960, after Major League Baseball started allowing Blacks to play, the Negro Leagues started to disband and it signaled the end of a great era Black owned businesses and entrepreneurship.