Neck Tie - Consistency - DC-210B

$ 39.95 

The Hunter Green and Gold Metallic silk necktie set is designed with a consistent pattern that represents longevity. The solid side shows the degree of density while the patterned side shows uniformity among the part of a growing progressive outcome.This design is intricately woven fabric with a tonal design weave that creates an effect of a "shadow" pattern to create a distinctive look.
  • 100% silk jacquard's
  • handkerchief included 
  • Color symbolizes - Green: Freshness, Life, Harvest, Growth, Healing
  • Color symbolizes - Gold: Royalty, Wealth

We are delighted to be able to offer you an exclusive men's neck wear collection featuring vibrant hues and unique patterns for men of distinction and with unquestionable style. Our ties are created using only high quality 100% silk jacquard's. We believe you will find our unique blend of elegant designs and contemporary color combinations a perfect compliment to any and all of your fashion needs. The ties represent a commitment to elegance, superior quality and customer satisfaction.