Clemson-opoly - boardgame

$ 29.95 


Clemson University™ is a proud testament to its founder's visions. With a strong history of agricultural education, military glory, exceptional athletics, and natural beauty - the college experience here is like no other! We visited Clemson University™, walked through the glorious Stone Gates and along the Senior Sidewalks, and asked students and alumni, "What makes this place so special?" While it’s impossible to include everything, Clemson®opoly hits the highlights. The result of all this research? A GAME SO FULL OF CLEMSON®,WE COULD HARDLY GET THE LID ON!

So choose your token, buy well-known Clemson® properties, collect credit hours and trade them in for diplomas. It sounds easy enough - but add Academic Probation, summer school and increased tuition and it becomes a little more difficult and a lot more fun. Roll the dice! Who knows? You may be going on Spring Break...or you may become the newest member of the Tiger Band!