King Tut Cartouche Wall Frieze

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King Tut Cartouche Wall Frieze. Open fretwork, Egyptian hieroglyphs and brilliant colors re-create the extraordinary artistry and images of ancient Egypt. Based upon the Cedar chair found by Howard Carter in King Tutankhamun's Antechamber, our wall frieze is a representation of Heh, god of Eternity, kneeling and carrying the ankh symbol. Cast in designer resin, this historically powerful wall frieze is painstakingly hand-painted in the bright tones and faux golden accents of the Egyptian palette to delight the senses as well as the mind. This unique large-scale, display-quality indoor wall sculpture transforms any home bar, entertainment are or recreation room into something truly magnificent!

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  • size: 32"W x 35"H
  • weight: 34 lbs.
  • material: designer resin