zBooks - The Moaning After by L. M. Ross - trade paperback

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This is a story of David Richmond, a lost dancer struggling to reclaim his equilibrium after his core rhythm has been taken away by loneliness, disease and the death of his best friend.  It is a look at his journey from promiscuous party animal to a sober, mentally stable adult by way of analysis. 

This is also a deep, wistful, brave and harrowing account of a handful of New Yorkers; Bliss Santana, a beautiful actress and single mother, living with HIV; Faison "Browny" Brown,  a failed singer determined to grab that brass ring at any cost...and finally there is Kindred. Is he the personification of a pure and untouched soul, or is he just a figment of David's imagination?

The Moanin' After is a tale about ghosts and intrigue, hope, greed, ambition, and mystery. Most of all, it is an unapologetic look at urban life, its joys and pitfalls, where secrets are revealed and love is tested to see if it is indeed as David Richmond proclaims, "a verb!"

  • paperback book
  • size: 8 x 5"