Intricate Ink - Animals In Detail-3 - Coloring Book

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Intricate Ink - Animals In Detail- Volume 3 - Adult Coloring Book. 

Artist Tim Jeffs dreams of diving alongside a whale shark one day, but until then he will revel in drawing every spot on its enormous body. “The whale shark might not be a whale,” he says, “but it’s one HUGE fish to draw!”

What began as free-time experiments in his sketchbook has become a powerful art form for Jeffs (American, b. 1965). Using pen, ink, and colored pencils, he brings life to his ever-growing paper menagerie, whose inhabitants range from lynx to leopard gecko, armadillo to Amazonian royal flycatcher. Once he decides upon an animal subject, Jeffs dives into research mode. He studies the animal’s habits, habitats, physical appearance, and conservation status, paying close attention to the patterns of skin and scales, fur and feathers. With pen or pencils in hand, he lets artistic license dictate the patterns, textures, and colors he applies, using what he calls “an impressionistic approach that creates a realistic view.”

For Jeffs, an award-winning artist since high school and a Creative Director in New York for over thirty years, this is a far cry from his days as a guitarist with White Zombie (yep, of heavy metal fame)—but maybe not as far as you’d think. The artist’s internet followers respond to his drawings with the fervor of rock fans. His highly detailed illustrations have garnered worldwide attention as they raise awareness of and connection with the animal kingdom. Jeffs has shared twenty-five more of his animal portraits in this coloring book, the much anticipated third volume of Intricate Ink: Animals in Detail.

Images include: Amazonian Royal Flycatcher, Armadillo, Ball Python, Bighorn Sheep, Blue Heron, Chinese Water Dragon, Clouded Leopard, Cougar, Echidna, Honey Bee, Indian Rhinoceros, Kangaroos, Lady Amherst Pheasant, Leopard Gecko, Lynx, and Okapi

  • Casebound book with a special lay-flat binding and sturdy, flexible cover
  • 56 pages with 25 images to color on high-quality paper
  • Size: 8½ x 11 in.
  • Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed.