I Am Royal - mirror compact

$ 13.95 


I Am Royal mirror compact. Introducing the I Am Royal dual mirror compact, a stunning piece of functional art featuring the colorful work of African American artist Sylvia "Gbaby" Phillips. This compact features a beautiful image of a regal woman adorned in a traditional African headdress, reminding us of her inherent royalty. The compact features a stylish pearl black metal alloy case with a shiny epoxy dome and two mirrors, one with 2X magnification and one with 1X. It opens with a secure push button closure, making it both trendy and durable. This is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to feel confident and empowered on the go. Add it to your purse today and be reminded of your royal status every time you use it! Order one for yourself or order one for a friend. They make a great gift.

  • size: 2.77" in diameter x 0.48 thick, mirrors diameter 2.37
  • metal case with an epoxy dome
  • push button open/closure