I Am Fierce - lipstick case

$ 12.95 


I Am Fierce lipstick case. Celebrate your strength and beauty with the I Am Fierce Lipstick Mirror Case, featuring artwork by the talented African American artist, Sylvia "Gbaby" Phillips. This stylish and functional accessory is crafted from sturdy pearl black metal alloy and features a high-quality black art epoxy dome. The smooth felt inner lining provides comfort and protection for your lipstick, while the compact size makes it easy to carry in your purse, desk, car, gym bag or while on the go.

With the I Am Fierce Lipstick Mirror Case, you'll be inspired every time you reach into your purse. The stunning image of a woman with a natural hairstyle and the empowering phrase "I Am Fierce" will remind you of your strength and beauty. The compact mirror makes it easy to apply your lipstick on the go, while the secure button closure provides peace of mind.

This lipstick case is not only stylish, but also highly functional. It holds most long-shaped lipsticks and lip balm, and includes a convenient mirror for easy application. Upgrade your beauty routine with the I Am Fierce Lipstick Mirror Case, a must-have accessory that celebrates your strength and beauty. Get yours today and make a statement with functional black art!

  • size: 3" long
  • metal case with an epoxy dome
  • 1X mirror
  • snap closure