Hole In The Roof - 20x24 - limited edition - Kadir Nelson

$ 450.00 


Hole In The Roof limited edition giclee by Kadir NelsonFour dapper young chaps. Six pools of water. A cozy bedroom... and a hole in the roof. Nelson’s provocative painting, “A Hole in the Roof” creates a space for a conversation full of hyperbole. As the viewer’s focus flows across the beautifully rendered trappings in the scene (the framed portraits, wooden dressers and trunk, the hat box, Persian rugs, the bowl and pitcher…), the eye is pulled ever so strongly toward the bewildered expressions of the four boys, and the gaping hole in the roof.

As the concerned young lads gaze upward, Nelson invites the viewer to meditate upon the age old question, “Why are we here?” and what is it about the light that commands our attention? “A Hole in the Roof” from Nelson’s Harlem Renaissance Series is a conversation about the absurdity and the profundity of life.

  • Artist: Kadir Nelson
  • Edition Type: Limited Edition
  • Edition Size: 250
  • Media: signed giclee on watercolor paper
  • Size: 20" x 24" unframed