Henettawy Sarcophagus Box

$ 34.95 


Henettawy Sarcophagus Box. Coffin of the Singer of Amun-Re, Henettawy. The Mistress of the House, Singer of Amun-Re, Henettawy died at the young age of twenty-one. She was buried in a plundered tomb, which had originally been the resting place of Minmose, an official of Hatshepsut. The burial was a modest one, including a set of coffins and personal jewelry. Henettawy's body was not embalmed but simply wrapped in layers of linen bandages. Great addition to your Ancient Egyptian collection.

  • L: 7" x W: 2.75" x H: 2.75"
  • Made of durable cold cast resin
  • hand painted.