Harlem Equus - 20x20 - limited edition - Kadir Nelson

$ 350.00 


Harlem Equus limited edition giclee by Kadir NelsonThe sun is high and the air is crisp in the heart of Harlem as this brave twosome calmly surveys the bustling intersection at Lenox Avenue and 135th Street, circa 1940. Well-dressed city slickers stride past the stoic pair, avoiding the paths of fancy automobiles, packed streetcars, and the chants of noisy street vendors. The distinguished officers stylishly keep the peace, uphold the law, and gracefully protect New York’s “Black Mecca.”

  • Artist: Kadir Nelson
  • Edition Type: Limited Edition
  • Edition Size: 350
  • Media: signed giclee on watercolor paper
  • Size: 20" x 20" unframed