Five Colored Girls - African American board game

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 “The Pleasures and Perils of 5 Coloredgirls!” is a hilarious but poignant game about five socially fragmented divas-in-waiting striving to make themselves whole – if necessary, at someone else’s expense.

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The goal of the game is to collect enough puzzle pieces to form a whole woman. While searching for pieces along a yellow brick road, players must survive a variety of lifestyle ruts, social inequities, financial hurdles, health issues and the antics of Ray-Ray 'nem.

Spoofs and parodies are plentiful.
• Catfights occur when two players occupy the same spot.
• Divas play by a different set of rules.
• Hairstyles determine how each round is played. The choices are: natural, fried and dyed, extensions and nappy.
• Unwanted men may be discarded at a recycle bin.

On the heavier side, the game addresses sexism, racism, promiscuity, domestic violence, abortion, ageism, and poverty. Through it all, Big Mama’s Traits (e.g., love, dignity, courage, wisdom, etc.) are the stabilizing forces. As in real life, not understanding the rules is part of the game. What begins as a light-hearted game of chance morphs into a game of strategy as players become more proficient.

The game’s message is not “ain’t it awful how badly we’ve suffered”. Rather, it’s about making good survival choices. Success requires knowing the proper use of faith, love, courage, a switch, some foil, hair grease and grits.

NOTICE: This game is for ages 16 and over. Some topics that may be inappropriate for children.