Emma Jane's - Baby Silas - figurine

$ 89.99 


Baby Silas Loved Taking A Bath In The Old Porcelain Washtub - Emma Jane's figurine. Part of the Emma Jane's Babies, Remember When ... figurine collection.

Remember when Baby Silas came home from the hospital and we all lined up to see him in his new store-bought bassinette and he was so brown and so pretty? Remember how Poppa would fire up the old stove and cook up the water for bath night and Silas was so tiny he would fit right in the old blue porcelain washtub? Remember how he would just sit there in the warm water laughing and splashing and happy as a puppy with a new dinner bone? Remember when?

  • Designed by Emily Watkins
  • Limited Edition of 5000
  • Includes story card and certificate of authenticity
  • Dimension: 4 1/2" H