Chebe Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Chebe Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Chebe powder from Chad, Africa combined with Black Jamaican Castor oil gives your hair the ultimate treatment for hair loss and breakage. Each of these ingredients gives your hair the protection and extra strength needed to retain, thicken, and grow hair. You have two of natures most powerful remedies helping you with a single, easy-to-use, everyday solution.

Chebe (pronounced shea bay) powder is a traditional hair growth remedy from Chad, Africa. It has been used for generations to increase hair growth and prevent breakage. Combined here with powerful and sought after castor oil to give your hair one of natures most powerful healing combinations. Can also be used to treat dry hair and split ends. Prevents breakage. All natural, and only available from plants in this remote part of Africa.

Blended with pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil and other natural ingredients, this formula helps replenish moisture, restore shine and prevent breakage. Feel the freedom of healthier looking and feeling hair.This natural formula helps repair and strengthen hair, nourishes to promote healthy growth, and rejuvenates your hair.

  • 4 oz