zBooks - What's Done in the Dark by Gloria Mallette - trade paperback

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From the moment Celeste Dawson was born, her big sister, Katrina, had it in for her. And as much as Celeste yearned for Katrina's love, the sibling rivalry only got worse. For Celeste, the ultimate betrayal came when she was seventeen, and Katrina seduced her boyfriend.  That was the day Celeste gave up trying for any kind of friendship with her sister. Now the two are grown, married, and leading separate lives. Until tragedy strikes.

When her husband is found murdered in a seedy motel room in a very compromising position, Celeste is devastated. Rather than comfort her, Katrina is more than happy to suggest that Celeste wasn't properly "taking care of " her man. But the tables soon turn as Katrina's husband falls into a coma from an illness no one knew he had. And that's not the only surprise. A second wife soon comes out of the woodwork, looking to stake her claim. Oblivious as ever, Celeste's parents want her to help Katrina fight back--even as she's looking for her own husband's killer.

Blindsided as she is by grief, Celeste can't help wondering: now that she and Katrina are finally on the same side of pain, will blood finally become thicker than a history of jealousy and deceit?

  • paperback book
  • size: 8 x 5"