zBooks - Rain Storm by Vanessa Miller - trade paperback urban christian

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After a drug-addicted prostitute opens her heart to God, she discovers the greatest love of her life, in this powerful tale by an award-winning author.

Beautiful and lethal, Cynda Stephens expects nothing from life but the same kick in the head she's always been given. Wearing her anger and bitterness on her sleeve, Cynda's hatred for life and men grows as her addictions grow and force her into prostitution.

Keith Hosea Williams is a God-fearing man who has always refused to compromise his spiritual walk, but then he is convinced that God has called him to marry Cynda.  Will he allow her lifestyle and addictions to overpower the will of God?

Cynda's heart opens up for Keith in ways that she never expects, but her thoughts of unworthiness eventually cause her to run away from a love she desperately wants to call her own. Until she accepts a new love into her life, into her heart, only then can she receive all that God has to offer.

  • paperback book
  • size: 8 x 5"