Books - Into Each Life by Shelia E Lipsey - trade paperback urban christian

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Sovereign destiny connects the paths of  Prodigal Runsome and Teary Fullalove's families, but no greater bond is formed than the one between Prodigal and Teary.  The two become inseparable best friends. During his adolescent years, Prodigal discovers there is life outside of Teary when he develops an attraction for the very beautiful and captivating Faith Meadows, yet his heart continues to yearn for his best friend.  While Prodigal's relationship with Faith intensifies, Teary's life takes a devastating turn when she chooses to lay aside her Christian morals and succumb to the charming, deceptive ways of the hearththrob womanizer, Skyler Jenkins.

When Prodigal faces an insurmountable tragedy, he turns to Teary. His anger toward God is paramount, and his faith is sorely tested.  Will Prodigal betray the love he and Faith shares to be with Teary?

  • paperback book
  • size: 8 x 5"