zBooks - Fever by Linda Dominique Grosvenor - trade paperback

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Up-And-Coming filmmaker Tim Richardson is finally making it in Hollywood. But neither the movie business nor the business of marriage is what he expected. As he fights to keep hold of his dream, he must also placate his neglected wife.  But will an ex-girlfriend's reappearance jeopardize everything?

Ensconced in her California digs, Nina Richardson is feeling far from cozy.  What's the point of her husband's success if his life barely includes her? Besides, Nina is having trouble believing Tim's days are really all work and no play. Tim thinks his work should be enough for her. It isn't.

Recently Widowed, Troi Singleton is putting the pieces back together with an idea that could leave her and her teenage daughter financially set for life. But when she turns to her brother-in-law, Sam, for advice, she discovers feelings that were not in the plan...

Carla Robinson-Singleton doesn't know why she's withdrawn from her husband--or why she can't reveal the painful secret she's been hiding for so long. But Sam is losing patience and Carla fears his heart is drifting. Maybe the threat of another woman is what she needs to jump-start her emotions, because she's determined to find out the truth--if it's the last thing she does.

Sam Singleton loves his wife more than anything. But her coldness has forced him to harden his heart. When he shares his troubles with his sister-in-law, he discovers they have much in common--including feelings for one another that have been hidden all along. The question is whether they should stay that way....

  • paperback book
  • size: 8 x 5"