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Atlanta Live! author Carmen Green heads back to the big city of dreams in this story of three friends who are all seeking a common ground somewhere between money, men, and happiness. 

BJ, Quita and Ebony are more than just girlfriends, they're on-the-money partners in their own investment clubs. Three best friends--BJ, a former WNBA star; Quita, a beauty who longs for a baby; and Ebony, who is in desperate need of self-confidence, and now that they're all nearing or at the age of thirty, they're looking to invest some time into a good man.  Trouble is, Hotlanta has cooled off for them in the eligible bachelors department. Their solution? Two words: Date Night. They make a pact to go on at least one date each week and, to keep each other honest, they'll hold their own date night every Sunday so they can tell all about their latest escapades.  Of course, each of them has her own challenges--and hang-ups.

  • paperback book
  • size: 8 x 5"