zBooks - Dance of Desire, Skylight Rendezvous book 4 by Colt and Richeaux - trade paperback

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Dance of Desire by Cassandra Colt. Take an erotic journey into the world of dance. Your star character and professional dancer is Africa. Her name is unusual but it's befitting her sexual escapades. Fulfill your every desire with erotic celebrity parties, sexual clinics, dance performances, sweaty rehearsals, and lustful competition over men and lead parts. Dance of Desire will leave you dancing long into the night.

Skylight Rendezvous by Diana Richeaux. This erotic novella happens between the cool season known as a "Tampa winter" and the hot, steamy days of summer. Lynda Kirkland, a talented architect, becomes enchanted with her fantasy man. This sexy Black Adonis occupies the depths of her mind by day and soothes her soul at night. He only exists in her mind and on the canvases where she captures scenes from her nocturnal trysts. Lynda is consumed with desire for him. Will she find her brush stroked Adonis to satiate her mounting hunger? A hunger that's very real, not fantasy.

  • An Indigo After Dark (erotic novel)
  • paperback book
  • size: 8 x 5"