Books - Bruised Fruit by Lene McAdams - trade paperback

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Sheila and Andrew couldn't have been more in love as they fell deeply, both at the age of eighteen. They were the perfect couple, and in total bliss, Sheila just knew that she had found her Prince Charming and she was his Princess.  Then all of a sudden, soon after they were married, their world became a whirlwind of turmoil, chaos, and violence.

Now rolling with New York City's finest, Andrew got down with the wrong people within the worst precinct in New York City's history. Corruption and deceit were at the bain of Andrew's new found existence. Sheila's fantastic life she had once imagined to be true with Andrew had turned into a total nightmare.  Not longer was he her prince, but rather her warden.

She had to get out, but how? Where would she go? Who could she turn to? It was life or death, but who's life?

  • paperback book
  • size: 8 x 5"