Pre-Electric Shave Lotion

$ 19.95 


Pre-Electric Shave Lotion. This emollient rich lotion formulated with the anti-inflammatory bisabolol along with the skin conditioning natural extracts of sambucus rose hips it prepares the skin for a close easy shave with a cordless razor leaving your skin soft, smooth and free of razor bumps.

  • Anti Bump Pre-Shave Cleansing and Lubricating Lotion for Electric Razor, Clipper or Trimmer Shaving
  • Use as a Cleanser and Lubricant prior to shaving with an Electric Razor, Clipper or Trimmer
  • Anti Bump Pre-Treatment Prior to Getting Hair Cut
  • After showering, apply to the hair line and neck area to prevent the development of Back of Head Bumps
  • Anti Bump Post Shave Lotion
  • Oil Control Cleanser

  • 6.7 oz