Humility - 25x33 - limited edition print - Kadir Nelson

$ 350.00 


Humility limited edition print by Kadir Nelson. The tranquility and overwhelming presence of the spirit of God humbles even the greatest of men. In this highly emotional and subtle work by Kadir Nelson, the spirit of God, represented by the natural elements (earth, wind and sea) surrounds a man in his most natural state. The fire in his heart is calmed by the vastness of God's earth. A circling flock of birds above represent his spirit, intertwined and soaring in unison with this divine energy, ultimately and inevitably heightening and enriching the human experience.

  • Artist: Kadir Nelson
  • Edition Type: Limited Edition
  • Edition Size: 850
  • Media: Offset Lithograph on 120lb paper
  • Size: 33" x 25"
  • Unframed